Saturday, September 18, 2010

2.1 schedule

It has been a long time since I posted the first littlecms 2 release. To my astonishment it has been reasonably stable and reliable. Sure, there have been bugs, any software has bugs, that is a fact that software developers already knows very well. But I have not been forced to do a quick release due to a killer bug, so I am happy on how is going all that lcms2 stuff.

Since the old days of lcms1.0, a fresh release of the engine has been available each 6 months, more or less. So now it is time to prepare the coming of 2.1. I plan to do it on November-2010. Then, I am presenting a paper on CIC18 which relates with lcms2 and its unbounded mode, so the new release would be available at that time. This will be a maintenance release, with the addition of Delphi wrapper, the Matlab wrapper and some minor tweaks. BTW, this is already on the git, the release woould only qualify this code and mark it as in the "stable side".

If anybody is interested, I will be also giving a talk in ICC DevCon, this time about on how to build a minimal V2 compliant ICC engine. I will be glad to discuss any questions you have, or just have a beer with you!