Monday, February 15, 2010

Speed measurements

Here are some performance numbers, measured on my laptop. This is a pretty old compaq nc6400, Dual core T2300E (1.66GHZ) so it should rock in a modern machines. Note how fast transforms go when both profiles are implemented as matrix shaper. The measurements are using the code on git.

16 bits on CLUT profiles.. 5.95238 Mpixel/sec.
8 bits on CLUT profiles...10.5541 Mpixels/sec.
8 bits on Matrix-Shaper profiles..27.6817 Mpixels/sec.
8 bits on SAME Matrix-Shaper profiles...36.5297 Mpixels/sec.
8 bits on curves... 29.2505 Mpixels/sec.
8 bits on Matrix-Shaper profiles (AbsCol)...27.6817 Mpixels/sec.
16 bits on curves... 37.9147 Mpixel/sec.
8 bits on CMYK profiles... 8.90373 Mpixels/sec.
16 bits on CMYK profiles...4.45186 Mpixel/sec.
8 bits on gray-to-gray conversions.. 32.9897 Mpixels/sec.
8 bits on same gray-to-gray conversions ...39.312 Mpixels/sec.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fixes on github

Ok, that seems to be working. I have received a couple of bug reports. Very helpful .There are now two nasty bugs less in the code base. Gray profiles were broken. That didn't work at all. I wonder how that passed the regression tests... ok, there was no regression tests for gray profiles. Now that is fixed as well. I still have to review documentation for some typos, but I think this can wait.

The latest (fixed) code is in the git. Or you can wait for beta2, which will be available on March.

Friday, February 12, 2010

LittleCMS 2 on github

So here you go:

You can review all files in a nice web page and also that makes fair easy to send patches. Many thanks to Richard Hughes for this nice idea!

You can also review the documentation in such way. It is located on 'doc' folder. The tutorial is a good starting point.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Little CMS 2.0 beta 1 is available!

Yes, that is. After so much time, all code, documentation, testbed, utilities... all is in the box, and all is working!

In one day or two I will announce the beta availability to the lcms mailing list, but meanwhile, you can be the very first to try it.