Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Regression tests

Right now it is pretty clear lcms2 would need an exhaustive test bed if we want some sort of robustness in the code. I'm spending a lot of time with this program. It began as a small one and now it is a huge file of 5600 lines. Maybe I should split it in several modules...

My intent is to have a test on every single feature. Since this is close to impossible, the actual test is focused on usual cases. Now the question, what are usual cases? Sure, sRGB to screen and aRGB to printer output are pretty common, but there are people over there using lcms1 to do multi-ink separations on 12 channels. Why I should not check this case as well? Another big area that deserves careful testing are plug-ins. How should the code base react to a wrong plugin? is a segfault admissible in this particular case?

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