Monday, February 15, 2010

Speed measurements

Here are some performance numbers, measured on my laptop. This is a pretty old compaq nc6400, Dual core T2300E (1.66GHZ) so it should rock in a modern machines. Note how fast transforms go when both profiles are implemented as matrix shaper. The measurements are using the code on git.

16 bits on CLUT profiles.. 5.95238 Mpixel/sec.
8 bits on CLUT profiles...10.5541 Mpixels/sec.
8 bits on Matrix-Shaper profiles..27.6817 Mpixels/sec.
8 bits on SAME Matrix-Shaper profiles...36.5297 Mpixels/sec.
8 bits on curves... 29.2505 Mpixels/sec.
8 bits on Matrix-Shaper profiles (AbsCol)...27.6817 Mpixels/sec.
16 bits on curves... 37.9147 Mpixel/sec.
8 bits on CMYK profiles... 8.90373 Mpixels/sec.
16 bits on CMYK profiles...4.45186 Mpixel/sec.
8 bits on gray-to-gray conversions.. 32.9897 Mpixels/sec.
8 bits on same gray-to-gray conversions ...39.312 Mpixels/sec.


  1. Would it be possible to post comparison numbers to lcms 1.x? It'd be nice to see what the performance improvements are as measured on the same hardware.

    Also, are there 16-bit Matrix-Shaper & SAME Matrix-Shaper profile times?


  2. is this your own benchmark app or available at git already?