Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beta 2 is ready

Time for a new beta. First one was very successful and several important bugs were found and fixed.

Beta2 will focus on quality and documentation, and will rest for a month.

I will give frequent updates on the status of the beta. You can download it from the link on the right.


  1. After integration in my app, running test cases and some specialized test cases, I could not yet find any bugs. Just great!

    Transition from lcms1 to lcms2 seems to work perfectly.

    I haven't yet tested new features, like black compensation.

  2. We did first implementation of latest beta in imagemagick and there's a problem converting an image with a devicelink icc profile.

    After a "convert 2300723_4.jpg -profile AdobeRGB-zu-ISOcoatedV2_GMG.icc 2300723_4.psd" we get error

    9 ColorSpace mismatch
    13 Couldn't link the profiles

    If lcms2 is generally compatible with devicelink profiles here's the one we used:


    Plaese take a look at it. Thanks.

  3. Sorry placed wrong archive in previous blog.

    Please download profile and sample image using url:


  4. Ok, I found the issue, it was on jpgicc, not in the CMM engine. Now it is fixed on git. Thanks for reporting!

  5. Humm... you said ImageMagik, so this is a different problem. Maybe you are calling cmsCreateTransform with the devicelink *and* an output profile? In this case, the engine is trying to concatenate devicelink+output and
    this may explain the error diagnostic.
    lcms 1 did ignore the output profile when a devicelink was given, but that was more due to a bug that a wished feature.