Saturday, May 29, 2010

Web color management

Please take a look to this small toy I've been working on:

What do you read? Ok, maybe you can read dark text as well, but I mean the brighter one.

If you have access to different web browsers, give a try to Internet explorer, Safari and Firefox for example.

I was suspicious about Firefox from a while ago, now that has confirmed my theory.  Oh, you can save the JPEG file and open it with photoshop to see the "good" result if you care. hint: Little CMS also works as expected.  I will go deeper on this stuff in incoming posts.


  1. Dear Marti,

    I've tested your new toy on Ubuntu 10.04 (X86_64) with Firefox 3.6.5pre, Konqueror 4.4.2 and Chromium (aka Googlee Chrome) 6.0. Both Konqueror and Chromium show the green text in the middle of the image. Firefox shows the upper and lower text about not supporting v2 profiles correctly.

  2. Nice, that means it is working. On safari you got different results. You can use this jpeg to check printers and image viewers. If you choose thumbnails on windows views, thats color managed too. And it diagnoses "good" color management.

  3. The builtin pre-viewer of Dolphin and Gwenview don't do color management, too. Showfoto and Gimp can handle the image correctly, but that was expected. They are build against lcms 1.18.

    We had some trouble with Firefox and embedded ICC profiles in the past. Images scanned on one scanner looked kinda pink while it looked fine on IE and Chrome. The Firefox bug with some v2 profiles causes real world issues. We are now working around it by either stripping the profile from images or applying a transformation to sRGB. It's a shame that we can't let the client handle the profiles.

  4. What a surprise: IE 9 BETA handles V2 profiles correctly. And it also supports V4 profiles (another test image from web).
    Firefox 4.0b6 doesn't support v4 profiles and this image shows that it doesn't work correctly with v2 profiles.

  5. I'm still kind of struggling to work some of this out. I have a jpeg here that looks fine in Lightroom, Irfanview and FastStone Image Viewer, but looks a not so good in Windows Photo Viewer, with burned red/green areas in the shadows.

    When I physically (locally) drag the jpeg into three different browsers (Firefox, Opera, and Chrome) it looks OK in each one. But when I actually *upload* the same image to Facebook, it looks bad in Firefox and Chrome, but looks good in Opera (confirming the text I see in your test image above).

    What is it that lets me see the image as it is supposed to look when I drag it to the two browsers from my desktop, but makes it look bad when I view the same image that has been uploaded online to facebook?

    It is very confusing. I am just worried that people will see a bad version of the image when they view it from their own browser.

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