Friday, December 16, 2011

LittleCMS 2.3 released

I am glad to the announce the release 2.3 of the LittleCMS open source color engine.

Version 2.3 is a maintenance release which adresses several minor issues and increases compatibility. It fully implements the recently released ICC 4.3 standard.

See the changelog for further details.


  1. Hello Marti,

    My name is Jo-Yu, a college student from Taiwan. I 'm working on a school project that try to make color adaptation for people with minor color vision deficiency(CVD) on computer screens in hope that they can "see" colors like others with normal color vision .

    And i figured that one of the solutions may be creating a specific icc profile to describe how people with CVD "see" those colors, and use the profile to calibrate LCD or CRT displays.

    So i'm wondering wether i can use lcms to create such profile with raw datas acquired by quantifying their CVD degree. I have read the tutorial and not sure wether the function on p23 doing the job i need since i am new to these fields like color engineering or color manage.

    Thank you for your regards. Wish to hear from you.


  2. This Little CMS delivers a simple cms in the website with no need interface for navigation for the color in display of LCD or CRT.