Saturday, November 28, 2009

Documentation strategy

Little CMS documentation is hold in three different papers. First one is the tutorial. Its goal is to introduce the engine and to guide you in its basic usage. It does not, however, give details on all available functionality. For that purpose, you can use the API reference, which gives information on all the constants, structures and functions in the engine. The third document is the plug-in documentation. It details how to extend the engine to fit your particular purposes. You need some experience in the core API to write plug-ins, therefore, the plug-in API reference is somehow more advanced that the remaining two.

Aside documentation, there are sample programs that you can explore. Those are located in the “utils” folder. Those programs are also handy in isolation. This is the list of utilities, each one is documented elsewere.

  • TiffICC
  •  JpegICC
  •  TransICC
  •  LinkICC
  •  TiffDiff
  • psicc

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