Sunday, November 29, 2009

What is new from lcms 1.x

First obvious question is “why should I upgrade to Little CMS 2.0”. Here are some clues:

Little CMS 2.0 is a full v4 CMM, which can accept v2 profiles. Little CMS 1.xx was a v2 CMM which can deal with (some) V4 profiles. The difference is important, as 2.0 handling of PCS is different, definitively better and far more accurate.
  • It does accept and understand floating point profiles (MPE) with DToBxx tags. (Yes, it works!) It has 32 bits precision. (lcms 1.xx was 16 bits)
  • It handles float and double formats directly. MPE profiles are evaluated in floating point with no precision loss.
  • It has plug-in architecture that allows you to change interpolation, add new proprietary tags, add new “smart CMM” intents, etc.
  • Is faster. In some combinations, has a x 6 throughput boost.
  • Some new algorithms, incomplete state of adaptation, Jan Morovic’s segment maxima gamut boundary descriptor, better K preservation…
  • Historic issues, like faulty icc34.h, freeing profiles after creating transform, etc. All is solved.

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