Thursday, July 9, 2009

about speed

I'm getting outstanding results with lcms2 and matrix-shaper profiles. It is still not on the public preview, so you have to trust me, but here are some numbers. That's tested on my laptop which is an old 2GHz 2-core CPU:

lcms 2.0:
8 bits on Matrix-Shaper profiles...done.
[625 tics, 0.625 sec, 25.6 Mpixels/sec.]

lcms 1.18:
lcms is transforming full spectrum in 8 bits...done.
[3984 tics, 3.984 sec, 4.01606 Mpixels/sec.]

Thats a boost of about X 6.3. Please note that applies only to 8 bit matrix-shaper to matrix-shaper transforms, so RGB only! When primaries of both profiles are same, the performance is even better, it reaches about 30 Megapixel/second. I will put all this code available this weekend.

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