Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ZOO Doppelgänger and the Link feature

To some extent, old'n'good lcms allowed profile editing. That was a "dangerous" feature in the sense people may abuse of it to grab copyrighted material. That is, you may open your favourite profile to remove the copyright tag, and here you go. Obviously preventing that by the hard way is just like killing the messanger, so this feature is working in lcms and is up to you to use -or abuse- it.

But reviewing the previous entry about the zoo, I had a wild idea: if the zoo test reads every single tag, what if then I try to rewrite all those tags? that would create a Doppelgänger version of every profile in the zoo, but not necesarely with same organization and size.

The test code was written in few minutes, and after I run it, poor lcms2 get into hyperspace and crashed badly.

Ok, five bugs ahead, I got the writting/copying feature working. But this also has unveiled how profile vendors abuse of the link feature. That is, since a tag is described by some block in the file, I can put two or more different entries in the tag directory pointing to the same location. Humm.. I have to add some code to deal with this case.

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