Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today I've finished the cmsReadRawTag/cmsWriteRawTag interface. It may seem a poor accomplishment, but in reality that means the serialization engine is now complete.
In lcms2 you can read a tag from an open profile by doing

tag = cmsReadTag(hProfile, TagSignature)

And lcms will return (if found) a pointer to a structure holding the tag. Simple, but not simpler as the structure is not the contents of the tag, but the result of parsing the tag. For example, reading a cmsSigAToB0 tag results as a LUT structure ready to be used by all the cmsLUT functions. The memory belongs to the profile and is set free on closing the profile. In this way there are no memory duplicates and you can safely re-use the same tag. Writing tags is almost same, you just specify a pointer to structure and the tag name and lcms2 does all serialization for you. Process under the hood may be very complex, if you realize v2 and v4 of the ICC spec are using different representations of structures.

Anyway, you may decide all that is useless and your want just to write/read bytes to the profile, in this case the Raw variants are for you.

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