Thursday, July 23, 2009

Linking tags

Implementing the tag link feature has been easier than I originally thought, but there are some caveats.

lcms2 does support some new features on read/writting profiles. You can use cmsReadTag/cmsWriteTag to read/write lcms objects like LUTs, tone curves and so. You can also use cmsReadRawTag/cmsWriteRawTag to read or write whatever you want, but poor library does not do any checking or understanding on whats going on.

You can also link tags to items created by any of those two methods. So far so good.

But wait, you can also write plug-ins to add more "understood" objects in cmsReadTag/cmsWriteTag and also you can write plug-ins to add new types for those objects.

In addition to all that, there is a brand new structure added as an addedum to ICC spec 4.2, that is the MPE or multi profile elements. This is worth of several comments in this blog. Basically that may make photographers and precission yonkies very happy as it includes *true* floating point numbers, among other things. There is a plug-in type devoted to MPEs. More to come.

So, if you consider all all those acess methods should be consistent, we have a nice mess. The good news are it seems to work, the bad news, we need more testing. But overall I see progress.

Fear not!, maybe I will even accomplish the schedule and realease the whole thing on November.

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